The Order of Witchers was an attempt made by kings and affiliated mages in the 10th century to create an order of magic-using knights who would help Nordlings get rid of enemies they hadn’t otherwise been able to subjugate, enclose in reservations, or exterminate – monsters. The final outcome of the mutations disappointed most of the mages, who began to call the result “witchers”, charlatans capable of nothing more than mere witchery. A few renegades however, including Alzur, secretly aided the monarchs interested in continuing the experiment, and the final set of Trials and Mutations was established. The Order didn’t last long however – its members had abandoned most of the original “knightly” values over time and soon split into a handful of witcher schools, aimed at taking a more professional approach to eradicating monsters.


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unique collectables


unique collectables





All collectables are available as high resolution, 2,850px by 3,300px JPEGs. This allows you to print a high-quality physical copy of your NFT, display it in high res on a screen, and use it for large-scale print or display.

Every collectable is unique and algorithmically generated from over 320 combined properties across 11 categories such as their clothes, facial expressions, skin type, and accessories from their hats and necklaces.


Phase 1:

* Launching the website
* Mint season I witchers on 28.06.2022

Phase 2:

* Growing the community

* We will work with artists, celebrities and influencers to build even more reach. Our team has lot of experience working with the right influencers & celebrities.

Phase 3:

* Establish the tokenomiks

*Airdrops weekly of five NFT’s to random holders.

Phase 4:

* Community merchandise is released. We have over 5 years of experience and contacts in building lifestyle brands, we will take full advantage of them and take witchers to the next level.

Phase 5:

* 500 Ada are added to the community wallet. These are used for giveaways for loyal holders. This will raise the floor price.

Phase 6:

* 10% of the sale will be put back into the collection, after one week of the reveal. This will raise the floor price.

* 5% of the royalties will be put into the floor price every week. This not only stabilizes the floor price, but raises it steadily.


Order of witchers is a project built for the community, by the community. The goal of order of witchers is to create a brand that facilitates a seamless adoption of the web3 space through our community fueled ventures and collaborations. Order of witchers is a collection of 5.000 Witchers heroes and villains divided equally, with 30 legendary witchers crowning the power of order of witchers. It seems the only way to end an outside war is to end the inner war. But when the war is between the closest and the mightiest and it has already begun — will your choice be to — Wait and Watch or Revolt and Revenge? Life will never be the same again.